Friday, January 14, 2011

A Penguin Goal Song for the 21st Century?!?

Is there any better feeling than watching the puck soar off a penguin's stick into our opponent's net?

Well I am glad you asked. There could be a better feeling with a change in Consol's goal song.

Right now the penguin goal song alternates between two songs. The first is "Song 2" by Blur. The ever popular woo-hoo song was great when it came out in 1997 (more than ten years ago).

If you think the 14-year-old goal song is a bit tired, how about the Penguin's other goal song? "Rock n' Roll 2" by Gary Glitter was originally released in 1972 (5 years before any current penguin was born).

It is time for a change. My current favorite replacement song is called "The Whip" by Locksley released in 2010. 

Starting at 1:45 and ending at 2:14 = the new penguin goal song. Don't believe me? Take a listen.

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