Tuesday, January 18, 2011

It's a Hockey Night (and trifecta week) in Pittsburgh

Thank you Pitt Panthers for the perfect start of what could be a memorable sports week in the City of  Champions. A 19-0 run to start the game last night against the #3 team in the country. Wow! Big Ben, several other Steelers, and the Cardinal's/Pitt alumnus Larry Fitzgerald were in The Pete to watch the beat down of 'Cuse in which the Panthers never trailed (though they made the game interesting by giving  'Cuse their own 17-0 run). Nicely done boys!

Tonight, it's the Pens turn. Still no #87, but  two players are stepping up in his absence,  #11 and #29.In fact, #29 not being one of the stars against Boston was a joke. Sportswriter who picked the stars must be in the same group that has been yapping about Tom Brady being the best Q ever. How'd he do against the Jets... Or in last year's playoff... HaHa!  Back to the Pens, I don't like some of the whispers about #71's play. It's true, he's not piling up the points, but his play at both ends has been strong, and he is generating scoring chances. Don't be surprised if one of these games he has a 4 or 5 point night. Maybe tonight.

Of course, Sunday is the game we're all waiting for. Look for my pick against the spread for both NFL championship games later this week. (I'm 5-3 against the spread so far this post season.)

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