Thursday, January 20, 2011

Chasing Greatness

"I’ve said since I got here, I was excited to come to the Steelers because it’s a special organization.”
--Big Ben

It really is a special organization borne out by the Steelers' six Super Bowl wins. Remaining three teams have five championships combined. That's not lost on the NFL players or fans in every city.

As for you old-timers who remember the Steelers of the 70's,imagine if you had one game to win and could start one Q who was in his prime.Who would it be? Meredith? Namath? Fouts? Montana? Young? Elway? Marino? Aikmen? Manning? Brady? Give me #12 in the Black & Gold. Like Big Ben, the offensive schemes didn't give him a chance to put up MVP numbers during the regular seasons. But what he did do, more than any of the others, is LEAD his teammates to championships, and that's what sports is all about... and what Sunday's all about as Big Ben moves closer to standing alongside, not slightly behind, Terry Bradshaw.

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