Wednesday, January 19, 2011

5 Reasons Why I Miss Sidney Crosby

1. Humility. After two weeks of suffering through the NY JETS media takeoverfilled with personal attacks against opposing players, coaches, and media correspondents who doubted their football teamit would be nice to see the return of the unmistakably best player in hockey (though he would never say so himself).

2. The Rocket Richard. Tonight was the night it finally happened. After 6 missing games, Sid has lost hold of league's title for most goals. Steven Stamkos had two goals against the Lighteningputting him at 33, one ahead of Crosby.

3. The All-Star Game. Can they even call it that if he doesn't play? Sid said it is very questionable whether he will play in the game. But even if he does, there will be no captain title for him, they were given to Carolina's Staal and Detroit's Lidstrom. It just doesn't seem right for the player who received 635,509 votes (200,000 more than Toews).

4. The Sidney Haters. I am sick and tired of hearing conspiracy theories of why he played in the Tampa Bay game or why he will not be playing in the all-star game. Haven't NHL fans and media personalities learned that Sid is an Honest Abe by now?

5. The Philadelphia Flyers. It seems that it always comes back to the Flyers. We let them have their fun in the Stanley Cup last year and smirked at their division lead throughout the first half of the season. But enough is enough. It is time for Sid to come back and show them who is really the better hockey team in the Atlantic division and the NHL.

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  1. No doubt, all Pens fans and players eagerly await #87's return. Here, though, are five reasons why he should only come back when he is 100%:

    5) Without #87, Pens have beaten in succession Montreal, Boston, and Detroit. All three teams are legit Cup contenders. How's that for building team confidence?!

    4) Emergence of #11 as a leader.

    3) All four lines playing quality hockey.

    2) #29 raising his game to a level that is quite simply the best in the league between the pipes.

    1) When #87 does return, he will be well rested, especially when the real season begins in mid April.