Friday, January 14, 2011


1) Baltimore at Pittsburgh (-3)
Ravens can't make Big Ben any uglier so all #7 has to worry about is winning the game. He will be the #1 star. Give the points and take the Steelers

2) Green Bay at Atlanta (-2.5)
The only way I'd take Atlanta is if Brett Favre was still Green Bay's Q. Take the Pack and the points. I look for the Pack to win this one outright.

3) Seattle at Chicago (-10)
'da Bears probably win but no way by 10 unless its 6o degrees and sunny on Chi town's lakefront, and that's not happening, either. Take Seattle with the points

4) New York at New England (-8.5)
Cromartie is right, Tom Brady is an a**hole, but he's also the best Q in the game. Take NE and give the points. I'd take NE and give 14 points.

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