Wednesday, January 12, 2011

It's a hockey night in Pittsburgh

I'm worried about tonight's game after Monday's meltdown against the Bruins. I don't understand how Pens could give up so many odd man breaks against Bruins during the final 30 minutes. Where was the defense and the backcheck?!

I felt bad for #29. For 50+ minutes he had an outstanding game. Chara's goal wasn't great, but he has a wicked shot. The others #29 had no chance on.

I have real concerns that HCDB is unable to counter the opposition's strategy of clogging up the neutral zone against the Pens. Isles did it successfully against Pens to stop #87's scoring streak and Minnesota, Habs, Bruins have done it since. Pens have enough talent even without #87 to generate sustained offense. I hope HCDB has come up with an approach that has a bit more complexity than his old standby, "keep it in their end." We'll find out tonight because I'm sure the Habs are going to have the same game plan they did last week--boring but effective defensive hockey.

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