Thursday, May 15, 2014

Penguins Analysis: Management's most pressing move to make for the 2014-15 season

Here is what no one is talking about in the aftermath of the Penguins elimination from the Stanley Cup playoffs:

Teams not in final four (numbers reflect their final place in regular season standings):

1) Boston
2) Tampa Bay

1) Pens
3) Philadelphia

1) Anaheim (if they lose to LA)
2) San Jose

1) Colorado
2) St. Louis

The Rangers will be the highest remaining seed if LA wins.

And remember, Washington (Great 8), Carolina (Staal bothers), Vancouver (Sedin twins) didn’t even make the playoffs

I'm not saying Dan Bylsma shouldn’t be fired; I think it’s time for a fresh voice in the locker room, just as the team needed a new voice from Michel Therrien in 2009. (Ray Shero should NOT be fired.)

But, honestly, the Penguins’ biggest problem is unrealistic expectations by a portion of the fan base and local media that every year demands/expects the Penguins to make the Stanley Cup finals (and win). I want the Penguins to hoist the Cup, too, but I would never boo them off the ice after a hard fought 2-1 loss in Game 7 of the SECOND round .

Management needs to change their marketing strategy, more than they need to change the coach or GM. The message of Penguins hockey should be about the joy of competing and excelling, not on winning the Cup or else… Otherwise, the franchise is setting itself up for failure in a league where no team has won back-to-back Cups in the salary-cap era.

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