Wednesday, January 4, 2012

NHL Misses #87

For those #87 detractors who say the game doesn't miss him, the numbers don't lie:

NHL'S most watched regular-season games since 1975
4.50 million viewers 01/01/11 NBC Capitals-Penguins
4.40 million viewers 01/01/09 NBC Red Wings-Blackhawks
3.80 million viewers 01/27/96 FOX 6-game regional coverage
3.80 million viewers 01/01/08 NBC Penguins-Sabres
3.74 million viewers 01/02/12 NBC Rangers-Flyers
3.68 million viewers 01/01/10 NBC Flyers-Bruins

Although New York City and Philadelphia are much, much bigger markets than DC and the burgh, this year's Winter Classic  had nearly 800,000 less viewers. Even the Sabres-Pens had more viewers than the big market match-up with a much smaller buildup (and no HBO 24/7).

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