Tuesday, October 25, 2011

11/11/11 Hanging in the Balance

Coach today on Crosby needing to have more practices with contact:
"It’s not just having enough practices that have contact, he’s still in the process of his rehab. While we’d all like to put a timetable on it, we haven’t. It’s not about missing games or projecting when that game might be, he’s just got to continue to go through the process. He’s doing really well. You see him on the ice – his level of compete and his speed and his skill is great to watch. We’re still going through that process. I think everyone would like to know when Game 1 is or when a timetable is, but we’re still in the process of going through his rehab. That doesn’t have a timetable on it."

Ugh! Maybe 11/11/11 isn't such a slam dunk after all.

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