Thursday, April 28, 2011

Pens Final Report Card

Pens Front Office: B
Shero did what he could, given salary cap constraints, to give this team a chance to compete for the cup. #72 didn't work out but it was worth the risk. Jury still out on #18, #2 for GoGo, but I still like that trade.

Coaching: C
I know everyone has been on HCDB's bandwagon, but he deserves criticism for the PP, which wasn't even  mediocre with #87 and #71 and abysmal in the playoffs. Also, not dressing #5 in playoffs over #6 is extremely questionable in hindsight.

Goaltending: B+
Can't pin game 7 loss on #29. Had no chance on the lone goal scored. Can't cover both posts at the same time.He made three spectacular saves along the way--end of 1st period toe save, glove hand right after goal scored, and another pointblank one with a couple minutes to go. I'd like to see more consistency from him, but as long as he remains healthy, the Pens are set between the pipes for another decade.

Defense: C
Probably deserved an A going into the postseason, but did a poor job of clearing out rebounds in postseason.

Forwards: C-
Held their own for the most part 5v5, but didn't score enough big goals after the two-headed monster was sidelined...for that matter didn't score any goals in game 7.

in Oct, Nov, Dec, Jan, Feb, Mar, April.

Penalty Kill: B-. If the season was a class, it's like they Aced the midterm but flunked the final.

Pens PR dept: F
The mixed signals for the past month regarding #87'status has done IMO some real damage to the fan base. People could deal with #87 not being able to play because of a career/life threatening injury, but when the Pens promoted video showing #87 dazzling everyone on the ice, wearing headsets during the games, etc... it led to some not-so-insignificant grumbling among the fan base. Don't think there is going to be a surge in the size of the season ticket waiting list.

Overall assessment of the season. Opportunity Lost
Had the framework to get all A's, hoist the cup. IMO second most disappointing season in franchise history, topped only by the David Volek finish.

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