Thursday, March 10, 2011

#29 on #87

In a Radio Canada interview of #29 that aired a few days ago, here is what he had to say (translated from French) about #87:

“We are, of course, hoping for Sidney’s return between now and the end of the season, but we are aware of the reality. He might not come back this season. On a hockey level, I would really like to gamble on Sidney, but I’m also thinking about the human side, and I want to see him be healthy first, before seeing him back on the ice….I see Sidney a lot at the arena in Pittsburgh. He comes around every day. I talk to him about all kinds of subjects, but I never want to talk to him about his head. My objective is pretty simple; I want to take his mind off things. He sees enough doctors and neurologists, he doesn’t need any questions from me about his concussion. Sidney tries to stay in a good mood, though it’s not easy. He misses hockey. He had never gone through a situation like this, where he can no longer put on skates and do what he loves most in the world, play hockey. It is also hard for him when we leave Pittsburgh to play games on the road. He can’t jump on the plane with the rest of us.”

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